WellPrep is our HIPAA-Compliant, proprietary technology and process that prepares providers for an effective wellness encounter. Organized charts and documentation that qualifies wellness visits, higher level office visits, Care Plan creation, additional screening and wellness counseling opportunities in order to maximize provider time and billing opportunities.

The WellPrep platform is designed to support adults in understanding their health risks. The software promotes health behavior change, with the goal of reducing risks and living a healthier life. Survey questions are completed in a computerized form, via a web browser, smartphone or tablet computer. Risk computation software libraries produce individual risk reports.

Four component parts operationally define a WellPrep assessment:

1. An epidemiological, biomedical, and behavioral database.

2. The participant’s database, most generally derived from a questionnaire made up of items that directly or indirectly assess a known precursor of the health outcome. (An example is “Do you smoke?” as a known precursor of lung cancer.)

3. A model, statistical or otherwise, for weighting risk indicators, generally referred to as the “algorithm.” These can be both quantitative and qualitative. Where possible, emphasis is placed on quantitative estimates.

4. The output or feedback component, which is the Participant’s WellPrep Risk Assessment Report. This component may also contain a series of recommendations regarding how risks can be reduced.